Occupation: Homemaker

I’m a homemaker and darn proud of it.

But it wasn’t always that way….

There was a point in my life when I would be filling out an application and I’d hesitate whenever I’d get to that one dreaded question: occupation. I didn’t know what to write. I didn’t know how to reduce all I did into one word or phrase. I hated that writing the words stay-at-home mom or simply mom or even homemaker left me feeling like I didn’t really have a profession. I’m ashamed to admit it, but that’s how I used to feel. So much even that I searched actually online for “creative ways to say homemaker on application.” Sad but true.

Now I look back on that and laugh at how naive I was about the great responsibility I carried out. I didn’t realize back then that being a homemaker is the most important profession out there. Think about it, what is more important than being the one who makes a home? Where would we be without mothers or fathers or caregivers; without anyone to make a home for kids? Most professions out there are a result of a homemaker who provided that child with the care and nurture they needed to succeed. Homemakers are absolutely essential for the success of any civilization.

I’m getting a little to social studies-ish, but it’s true.

Homemakers make homes. They provide children with a safe place where they can grow.

I learn more by being a homemaker than I could doing any other profession.

I learn patience.

I learn love.

I learn strength.

I learn to juggle a million different things at once.

I’m a teacher.

I’m a nurse.

I’m an actress.

I’m a judge.

I’m a cook.

There are no raises or promotions. There’s definitely no yearly bonuses. There are no Christmas parties where I get honored for my outstanding work. There’s hardly any praise. There’s LONG hours. The work is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting. BUT, the rewards I receive outweigh any of this. I get little kisses on the nose. I get warm cuddles. I get random flowers brought to me and songs written about me.  I get 4 little friends who are with me through good or bad.  Who don’t care if I wear make up or if I work out. Who love me for me.

I get to watch them grow up.

I get to be their Mama.

I get to make a HOME.

So let me tell y’all. If I was a bumper-sticker-on-car kind of gal, I would totally have one that says “Homemaker and darn proud of it.”

I so am.


3 thoughts on “Occupation: Homemaker

  1. Silvicarv says:

    Such a beautiful article. It’s the toughest job out there! I’m glad that some parents are now calling themselves “stay home mom” as a profession on LinkedIn. Love that.


  2. VintageFeminist says:

    My stories very similar to yours as well! I often felt guilty about actually wanting to be a homemaker. Like I wasn’t doing enough. Like in my blog I explained that it’s the simplest moments that lead to me to think THIS is what life is about and how under estimated the difficulty it is to do what we do. I’m so glad to hear I am not alone!


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