Together we stand…or so it should be

It’s hard being a parent.

It’s definitely rewarding and wonderful, but it’s also challenging, demanding, and just plain tough.

It takes patience. It takes physical, emotional, and mental energy . It can be draining, exhausting, and extremely difficult. It sometimes takes all we have, and even more.

So tell me something.

Why, oh why, are we so hard on each other?

Why do we judge each other so harshly? Why do we critique other parent’s feeding habits and think we know better? Why do we condemn them for what they choose to spend their money on or how they maintain their house? Why do we look down on them for breastfeeding too long or bottle feeding too fast? Why do we care when they potty train or how well their kids can read? Why are we so involved in the faults of others that we sometimes overlook our own?

When we’re doing this we’re forgetting one thing.

We’re all in this TOGETHER.

We’re all parents. We all have good days and bad days and really, really bad days. We all deal with tantrums. We’ve all felt guilty about the way we handled a situation. We’ve all worried about our kids and shed plenty of tears for them.

The world is harsh, always telling us we’re not enough as we are. We’re either too old or too young. Too skinny or too fat. Too tall or too short. Too plain or too dolled up. Overly cautious or too laid back. Our house is too small or too big. We don’t make enough or we make too much. There’s opinions on how we spend our money, on how we dress, on what we eat, on where we live. With all the criticism and judgments out there, shouldn’t we, parents, have each other’s backs?

Of course, there are those times when a parent is doing something that is truly damaging a child, and that’s a different story, but when it comes to the little things, like feeding schedules, nap times, food choices, diaper brands….maybe we can let the judgments go.

What if instead of criticism we offered understanding.

And instead of harshness we offered hope.

And instead of making assumptions, we gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Because if we could live in the shoes of that mother or father for one day, we might understand a little more and would judge a little less.

So let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt and provide each other a much needed BREAK.

Come on now, don’t our kids give us enough crap to deal with?

Yes, yes they do. We don’t need any more.














2 thoughts on “Together we stand…or so it should be

  1. camila binks says:

    So true. I’ve been guilty of silently judging when I hear parents yelling at their kids at walmart. What a jerk! Those poor kids!
    But you know what? The next week it was me yelling at my kids at walmart because I was tired and they were relentless and I just broke and raised my voice. And I hope that in that moment someone else wasn’t judging me.
    So whether it’s what our kids eat, or how they are dressed, or how much screen time they have, we all have our reasons for doing what we do.
    I couldn’t agree more.
    Let’s be nice to each other.


  2. Silvicarv says:

    I remember going for walks and thinking that people were careless because their gardens looked terrible.Then it happened to me. I got depression and didn’t (couldn’t) get myself to do anything. I learned to remember I don’t know what happens in other people’s lives to make the decisions they make.Well said in your post! We don’t know what others go through as parents.


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