Family laundry

It was while folding a simple load of laundry on an ordinary day that I was reminded of just how sweet our lives can be.

I had just had my second child and was suffering from pretty bad postpartum. We also had just moved so almost everything was still in boxes, and it didn’t help that my husband was going to school full time and also working full time, so I only saw him for a few hours at night. I hated the way I felt, but all I could do was sit and cry. Everything seemed like a chore, especially the laundry which seemed to never end (now that I have 4 kids, I really know what that’s like  😉

As I was matching socks this particular day, I noticed how cute and distinct each sock was. There were my husband’s big socks, my smaller ankle socks, Lili’s cute Hello Kitty socks, and Bella’s teeny tiny little striped sockies. Throughout all the day-to-day and the hard things that I struggled with on a daily basis, I had at times failed to see how good life was. These socks, all so different and unique, were a reminder of the little family that I had; of these people that I have around me who love me and need me.

Sometimes life can wear on us. Some days seem so long that they’ll never end, and other days seem to go by so fast that we can’t accomplish anything on our list. Seriously, I know it. My lists get longer and the days get shorter, but throughout it all, I have these little daily reminders of how sweet life is. Whether it’s little socks in a laundry basket or toys lying all over the house. Whether we have piles of shoes by the front door or dishes overflowing in the sink, these are all little signs that we are part of a family.

I know that one day, I will be doing laundry for only two people. The piles and piles of clothes will, over time, diminish to a simple basketful of plain adult clothes, and I bet that during these moments, I’ll miss Hello Kitty and teeny baby socks.

We have them here today. Enjoy them!


(Side note: I eventually sought help for my postpartum and am SO grateful I did. I only wish I wouldn’t have waited as long as I did. So if you are suffering from any type of depression, I strongly urge you to get the help that you feel would be best for you in your situation. Whether that’s talking to someone, getting medication, or going to therapy or counseling sessions, whatever it may be, it’s so worth it. Each of us are unique and amazing and so extremely important. Find the happiness you deserve!)


3 thoughts on “Family laundry

  1. Camila says:

    So sweet. This is a great reminder for me right now as I’m about to clean the kitchen after spending forever to cook for my family. Someday I will only have quick cleanup for one or two. I’m lucky to have these little angels to feed. ❤️


  2. Silvicarv says:

    Isn’t that amazing how little things are always there to remind us to be present….some of us don’t pay attention to them. Glad you do!


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