My house is loud and crazy and usually messy. It has old carpet that’s stained in most places. My house has mismatched cabinets and a broken upright beam in the banister. There are usually dirty socks on the stairs and and crushed up goldfish crackers under the couch cushions.

The kitchen is too small. Every time I turn the oven on, it smells like burnt plastic. The office is boring and bare. The shelves need to be dusted. More than half the books are missing pages or covers. The dishwasher buttons have been peeled off by kids.


I love this house because it’s our HOME. It’s where I raise my kids. It’s where we play and laugh and cuddle. It’s where we cry and learn. It’s where we argue, apologize, and grow together. It’s where we LIVE. It’s where we LOVE. It’s where my FAMILY is.

It doesn’t matter what our house looks like on the outside or if it’s messy on the inside. It doesn’t matter if we washed the dishes today or if we finally dusted the picture frames. Our kids don’t care about that. All they care about is being in a place where they feel LOVE.

This life is full of storms. Some darker and more threatening than others. And when the storms come, which they definitely will, our kids need a refuge. A place where they can escape the pain and sadness. A place where they feel warm and safe and happy.


So where ever we live, whatever our circumstance, no task is greater than providing a HOME for kids. A place of freedom and safety and happiness.

A happy home doesn’t require large bedrooms or kitchens. It doesn’t require fancy furniture or multiple television sets. It doesn’t require a large yard or an assortment of toys. All it requires is LOVE.


A home is any place where kids feel safe.

So when I look at my house and start wishing I had a bigger kitchen or better mattresses for the kids or softer carpet or hardwood floors or space for a piano, I hear the kids playing and laughing and it reminds me that I don’t just have any old house…

I have a HOME.

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