Fall Leaves

I’m a total summer girl. I love it all: swimming, flip flops, the sound of crickets outside my window, watermelon, fireworks, late nights, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the way the sun feels on my skin, even the suffocating heat you feel upon getting in your car on a 100 degree day. Seriously, I absolutely love it because it’s so very summer and I LOVE summer. Did you get that I love summer?

Now that I got my point across, what the heck does that have to do with this post about Fall? Well, as you can imagine, I used to dread the coming of Fall because it means that my sweet, beautiful, hot summer is over. BUT, years ago I decided to embrace Fall by completely immersing myself in it. And it worked. I started to like Fall. The main activity that started to kindle that Fall fire in me was this one, which, to put it simply, is just picking leaves and making something out of them.

But here’s why I love it.

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s simple.
  3. It allows you to spend time outside, looking at the Fall colors, touching the Fall leaves, smelling the Fall air, and literally shoves you right into the thick of Fall.
  4. Anything that combines kids and nature is a plus. It’s also a great way to show them the beauty that’s all around us that sometimes we take for granted.
  5. It allows kids to recycle their findings by making something out of them.
  6. It fosters creativity.

So now for the instructions, they’re pretty darn simple:

  1. Go for a Fall walk outdoors, bringing a basket, bucket or other container to put your findings in (we usually use the kids Easter buckets that we still have lying around)
  2.  Collect anything that speaks to you (such as leaves of different colors, shapes, and sizes; pine cones; pretty little rocks; flowers; empty snail shells, etc)
  3. Grab a paper and glue and make a Fall collage out of your findings. You can even frame your artwork and display it as a memorable Fall decoration.

Here are some pictures of our Fall adventure this year.


If you think that Bella is wearing her hoodie backwards, then you’re right, she is…and it’s on purpose. She said it’s the style in 2nd grade?!?


Their buckets are starting to fill with Fall “treasures.”


That little face!


The creative juices are flowing. 


An Asher original. He lost half of his rocks when he held up the picture, but it just makes it that much cuter.


Love it!

Now I have to do a little flash back to last year:


I love how excited little Asher looks.

Now let’s go back a little further to 2010 when it was just Lili and Bella.


Aren’t they adorable!

Okay, just one more, I promise! This one is from 2012:

9.23.12 (22).JPG

How I miss diaper bums!

As you can see we love this tradition. It really helps me get in the Fall mood. Happy Autumn!



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