Bring them along for the ride

These 7 words that I’m about to say may come as a shock, but hang in there and you’ll understand why. I love taking vacations with my kids. I know, it might sound crazy, since, shouldn’t vacations be taken from the kids not with the kids? But it’s true, I love it. I love that my kids can enjoy the places that I do, I love seeing them get excited over the little things, and I love that our whole family is together and there’s no one missing. I know that will change one day.

I know that in the future, they’ll be off to college or on missions or married, and the trips will then just be my husband and I. I’ll be able to sleep in as late as I want and eat in peace without having to get up every 5 seconds to get someone more juice or another pancake or different eggs or 60 napkins. I won’t have to stress at the pool making sure the kids are okay, and the car drives will be peaceful and quiet. I won’t have to be packing snacks and drinks everywhere I go, and my purse can finally be a normal purse instead of a purse/diaper bag. But I also know, that during those moments I’m going to remember the vacations with our kids, and I’ll wish I could have them back. I’ll wish I could rewind the clock and enjoy these moments that I have now with them one more time, but I can’t. Time moves forward, and lives go on.

Right now is the time to enjoy their little laughs and cuddle with them in bed. Right now is the time to worry about them while they swim and watch them enjoy every bite of their ice cream. Now is the time to kiss their cheeks and listen to them attempt to tell jokes in the car. Now is the time.

So yes, I love trips with them. I’ll take them on as many trips as I can while I still can. I’ll enjoy them. I’ll hold them. I’ll kiss them. I’ll capture many moments with my camera and capture even more with my mind.

Now yes, there will be those moments when the kids fight over who pushes the elevator button or argue over which bed they get or maybe even fight in the breakfast line, making the elderly woman behind them spill her orange juice on her shirt, but that’s all part of the adventure. Kids are imperfect, just like we are. The imperfect moments make all the perfect ones even better. One of my favorite quotes is “You must travel through mountains to appreciate the smoothness of the road.” So true! And who gives us more mountains to travel through than our children! But through those rough moments we grow in love and patience and strength, and through those moments we appreciate the sweet times even more. So will your trip with kids be crazy and stressful at times, you bet it will! But it will also be fun and exciting and so incredibly sweet. Enjoy life with them. Live life with them. Our time with them is so short, and honestly, who knows what tomorrow holds, so let’s take advantage of each moment with them today!

(Yes, I’m adding a P.S. here which is totally weird for a blog but who cares, I’m doing it!
Just for the record, I’m totally NOT saying that we should always take our kids everywhere and never take trips alone or as couples, because trust me, those things are also very important to unwind and recharge, and some of us need more recharging than others, and that’s perfectly fine! My main message is that our time with our kids is short and will fly by, so let’s enjoy this time while we can! Okay, now it’s officially the end 🙂

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