Enjoy it YOUR way

My kids and I absolutely love Christmas; we’re pretty much obsessed. We decorate early so that we can enjoy it longer. This year the tree and decorations went up on November 7. Yes, you read that right, November 7. I know that some of you are impressed, others are appalled, and many of you could probably care less, but I’m writing this post for a reason.

Years ago, I worried about what others thought so much, that I would do things in accordance to what I believed they would want. In this case, I would wait to put up our Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, as is the usual norm for most people. But this related to other spheres of my life as well, like making sure my house was always “perfectly presentable” when other people came by or making sure my kid’s clothes and hair were neat and perfect. And the list goes on and on.

But then I got exhausted and I realized something. You’ll never be able to please everyone. And the more you try to please others, the less you please yourself. And you know what else, when I felt like I had mastered a “perfect” version of myself in some aspect, then I got criticized for being “too perfect” or too fake or too this or too that. So I was either not good enough or too good. I couldn’t win.

Luckily I couldn’t win.

Because it made me realize that it doesn’t matter what others think. It doesn’t matter if other kids have grand birthday parties and all you do is buy your kids a few balloons and take them to the park. It doesn’t matter if other girls have beautiful, perfectly done hair and your kid’s hair is a ratty mess. It doesn’t matter if you decorate for Christmas on Nov 1 or Dec 24. What matters is that you do what makes you and your family happy and what you know you can do. Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s completely detrimental and pointless to do so because no two of us are the same. We’re all different in regards to every aspect of our lives. Some are more financially sound while others are more emotionally stable or physically strong. We’re all unique. And the truth is that none of us are perfect. So don’t worry about how other parents are parenting or how other people are living. Do what makes YOU and your own family happy.

I recently wrote a blog post about finding happy. I’ve come to find my happy and a huge part of that is letting go of other’s expectations and being happy with me. Being happy with who I want to become, not who they want me to be. Being happy with my strengths and even my weaknesses because they make me human and imperfect and REAL.

Finding happy doesn’t mean life it always perfect, no definitely, DEFINITELY not. But it means that you’re okay with life not being perfect and you’re okay with you not being perfect. You’re okay with you being you.

Find you, be you, and be proud of it.

So no, I won’t apologize for decorating early. And I hope you won’t apologize for doing things the way that you love or know how. Do it and do it with pride. Be you.

And let me be one of the first to wish you all Happy holidays!

One thought on “Enjoy it YOUR way

  1. camila binks says:

    Ah I love this! Do YOU and do it YOUR way! This is what will make us proud when we are at the end of our life. I couldn’t agree more! And I know sharing when our trees go up isn’t the point of this, but still I want to tell you anyway that my tree goes up tomorrow. Before Thanksgiving. And I love it.
    Thanks for the post.


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