004Hi there! This picture of me is fresh off the phone. Took it this morning just for you all. That’s me with my handsome little guy. I also have 3 awesome girls and an amazing husband who I love and couldn’t do any of this without (literally ūüėČ ).

First and foremost I’m a Mom and I love it. When people hear me say that, they probably imagine perfectly behaved kids in a spotless home, reading books and actually wearing shoes and saying please whenever they need something, without arguing or fighting or yelling. Ha! That’s not at all how it is and that’s why I love it! A perfect life would be perfectly boring! And life with kids is definitely NEVER¬†boring. It’s crazy and fun and chaotic and sweet and LOUD and so unpredictable and an incredible adventure. That’s why I love it. Our families are all unique and that’s what makes the whole parenting thing hard and challenging but definitely interesting and entertaining as well.

One of the greatest things I’ve learned in these last 12 years as a Mom is to ENJOY THEM because it goes by way too fast. At times it seems like certain phases will never¬†end. But they do and they grow up and we look through pictures of them when they were little and miss¬†those times.

I’ve learned that no occupation brings more learning and growth than that of a homemaker. I’m proud to make a home. I’m proud to build a life for my kids.

I’ve also learned that we all face individual challenges so it’s¬†absolutely¬†pointless to compare ourselves. Instead of making comparisons, I’ve learned to draw INSPIRATION from the experiences of others; to learn from them and their mistakes. To let their experiences help me be better and feel better. That’s what I hope this site is for others. A place to draw inspiration from. A place to share what I’ve learned. A HAPPY place. Now let me warn you, tears may be shed, but those tears usually lead to growth. So let them flow!¬†And remember that what we’re doing as homemakers is INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL. It’s full of fun and laughs and pain and hurts and hugs and cuddles and lots and lots of love. It’s an amazing¬†journey. I’m so glad you’re here!